MP3 Enhancer

MP3 Enhancer is a small and portable application which you can use to apply Winamp DSP effects into MP3 files. The reason why we made this tool is you cannot use your favorite sound enhancer (Dee) on portable MP3 players like iPod. By using this tool, you can apply that sound enhancer into MP3 file. And after you apply the enhancer, you can use that file on any player or device to get the same quality as it plays on PC. (even chinese mp3 players has rich bass output ;-)

Since MP3 Enhancer distributed as a zip file, you can simply extract the program files to any location on the hard drive and run the executable file directly. More importantly, no items remain on the hard drive or in the Windows Registry after program removal.

The app's interface is based on a common window with a simple layout. So, features are easy to figure out by users of any skill level.

Please note that quality level affect conversion performance. (0 = best quality, 5 = default, 9 = worst quality)

Trial version has 64Kbps limitation for output file. Please register this software to remove output bit rate limitation.

Known Limitations: Does not support for unicode file names, Input file sample rate must be 44100Hz, Input file must be Stereo & 16bit.

Download MP3 Enhancer v1.0

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