Audio Repeater

This product is outdated and no longer supported!
Please consider using Audio Repeater Pro Edition. (Pro Edition Features: Ultra-low latencies + Multi-channel streaming + Does not require Virtual Cable software)

“Great program! After it is running for 2 days non-stop now I'm going to buy a licence next...”

Dr. Reiner Krump , Germany

Audio Repeater allows you to transfer audio samples from one device to another with DSP processing support. For an instance, let's say you have Bluetooth headset & you want to listen to the audio output of your PC through the headset. Then you can use this tool to accomplish that task with minimum amount of latency.

Please change Buffer Count & Buffer Size if you hear gaps in the audio stream. When changing those values make sure to put right values according to the tutorial. These values are heavily depending on the soundcard & the performance of your PC.

Audio Repeater uses first DSP module when using it with Winamp DSP plug-in. This feature will allow you to use this tool as a real-time audio effect processor. Also, you can use Virtual Audio Cables if you want to apply DSP effects to the entire system. (Tested with Virtual Audio Cable v4.09)

Following diagram shows the audio connectivity when using this tool as a real-time audio effect processor.

Please note that the unregistered version has a periodic silence. To remove it, you need to register this software. The registration fee is only $35. (Previously registered users can use their old serial number)

Download Audio Repeater v2.5

Download Tutorial [PDF]

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